Language Creation

Archaeology Magazine Recordings (2013)

In addition to my more traditional scholarship, I also focus on making historical linguistics and Proto-Indo-European (PIE) more accessible through various outreach projects for the public.

I first ventured into the limelight with two recordings of PIE in Archaeology Magazine (2013), the first ever to be made mainstream. 

Since that time I have helped to create and train actors to speak dozens of historical constructed languages, including two languages based on PIE for Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal, a first person shooter set in the Stone Age, and eight reconstructed languages for the recent National Geographic Show Origins: The Journey of Humankind. Current projects include a documentary for the NHK on human evolution, a play set in stone-age England, and a children’s novel with Slavic spells derived from PIE.

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Ba Urus! Mash-pashtriya! Ta palshna shwadar shawi-kwa. Bladi walti-su, payska shrawman-su, palhu shraga darwa-su. Nati dishman gasti waydarsh. Hu-kar-karwashita, ma-nu salwa, shanhima iti Urusis hayayarsh tawsarsh-kwa. Shashka Winja-dijams lawka... Aysh sakwashwal nawashna tiyi bara!
Far Cry Primal (2016)
National Geographic's Origins (2017)
NHK Documentary (2018)
AXE (2018)
The Ruby Cell (2019)
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